The Advantage of the Flat Fee MLS Program

The advantage of the flat fee MLS listing, is that you pay a mls listing fee (as low as $185- NOT 6%) and offer whatever amount of commission you want to the buyer's agent.  The seller is NEVER obligated to sell to a buyer brought to them by an agent or on their own and can cancel their MLS listing with at anytime without obligation.

One big advantage for the seller in listing their property in the MLS is accessing those buyers who work exclusively through a real estate agent and don't look for the "for sale by owner".  Additionally, the MLS databases are downloaded to public sites such as and hundreds of real estate company websites, such as Windermere, John L. Scott, Remax, and many other local and national sites, which gives the seller much more exposure than just listing on a for sale by owner site or placing a sign in the front yard.

Reach all the buyers without hiring a traditional agent.   "FSBO" sellers can reach as many buyers as those sellers using traditional agents. Use to list your home on and the local MLS without paying a listing commission.

What to expect when you sign up for the flat fee MLS service

  1. After you add your listing to this site and fax or email your MLS data forms, I will input your listing within one business day. You will receive an email from me with a copy of your MLS listing so that you may review it and make changes/corrections.  Along with this email, there will be a change form, and all the required disclosure statements.
  2. Your listing will be listed on the MLS and for six months ($185) or one year ($285), depending on your purchase.  You may cancel your listing at anytime without refund or obligation.  However, if you cancel the MLS listing, a new listing fee will apply if you decide to place the property back on the market.
  3. If you order a sign, then I will mail out a professional for sale sign with a blank rider for you to place your phone number and/or your Ad #.  I will provide that to you.  The sign does not include stakes.  You will be responsible for posting it on the property. There is no charge for shipping.  For a professional sign post to hold the sign, I suggest Signpros.
  4. Please check your emails frequently, as that is how most of my communication is delivered.  Your MLS listing will have instructions for agents to contact you direct for property questions and to present offers directly to you. It is your responsibility to contact me via email within 1 business day of accepting an offer so that the status can be updated in the MLS per MLS rules.

    See an EXAMPLE of how your listing will appear to agents in the MLS.

    If you want help with your offers, you can use my Assistance with offers.

    If you are ready to sell your home and get the most exposure possible without paying the traditional 6% commission, then the Flat Fee MLS program is for you. Please email or call me with any questions: 1-877-364-5478 or 425-344-6779.

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